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Typical English Words on 2nd May :

  1. Gesticulate (v) : threaten by signs

  2. Gesture (n) : movement of the body or its parts to convey an idea or feeling

  3. Get (v) : win, arrive at, become, acquire, purchase

  4. Get-up (n) : the mode of one’s dress or arrangement

  5. Geyser (n) : an apparatus for heating water

  6. Ghastly (adv) : horrible appearance

  7. Ghastly (adj.) : frightful, like a ghost

  8. Ghastly (n) : ghastliness

  9. Ghee (n) : an oily liquid got by boiling butter

  10. Ghost (n) : a spirit, soul

  11. Ghost (adj.) : ghostly

  12. Giant (n) : Monster, a person of great size of height, a very large man(fem) giantess

  13. Gibbon (n) : a kind of monkey with long arms

  14. Gibber (v) : speak nonsense, speak rapidly and in articulately

  15. Gibber (n) : gibberish, suck a talk

  16. Gibe, jibe (n) : taunt, a sneer, jeer, mock

  17. Gibe, jibe (v) : talk mockingly

  18. Giddiness (n) : dizziness, a reeling sensation in the head

  19. Gift (n) : a present, talent

  20. Gift (v) : donate

  21. Gig (n) : a light two-wheeled carriage

  22. Gigantic (adj.) : very huge, giant-like, enormous

  23. Gild (v) : cover with gold, brighten, adorn

  24. Gill (n) : one fourth of a print, the breathing organ of fish, flesh under the chin and ears of a person

  25. Gilt (n) : gold covering, past participle of gild, brightening material

  26. Gimlet (n) : a small instrument for boring holes into wood by hand

  27. Gin (n) : spirit, a kind of drink, trap machine for removing seeds from cotton

  28. Gin (v) : entrap remove seeds from cotton

  29. Ginger (n) : a hot spicy root

  30. Ginger (v) : stir up

  31. Gingerly (adj.) : cautious

  32. Gingili (n) : seed yielding a sweet oil

  33. Gipsy (n) : fortune teller, member of a wandering tribe

  34. Gypsy (n) : fortune teller, member of a wandering tribe

  35. Giraffe (n) : a camel-like tall-long necked animal, camelopard

  36. Gird (v) : bind round, to clothe, surround, enclose, strengthen

  37. Girder (n) : a supporting beam used in building

  38. Girdle (n) : something which goes round, a waist-belt

  39. Girl (n) : female child, unmarried woman

  40. Girt (n) : saddle band, measurement round the middle

  41. Girth (n) : saddle band, measurement round the middle

  42. Gist (n) : main point, pith, summary

  43. Give (v) : grant, bestow, yield, impart

  44. Glacier (n) : a slowly moving mass of ice and snow

  45. Glad (adj.) : pleased, joyful, bright

Typical English Words on 2nd May :

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