ROOT-WORD is the Prefix UN which means NOT.It is one of the negative-root- words that you will meet. It is a very satisfactory negative. It is a very satisfactory negative. It says NO: and it means just that and nothing else.

1. unable- UN able (un ay’ b’l) adj.

Not having the skill to do something.

2. unabridged- UN abridged (un a brijd’) adj.

Not shortened.

3. unclothed- UN clothed (un klothd’) adj.

Not dressed; maked.

4. unadvanced- UN advanced (un ad vansd’) adj.

Not having gone forward.

5. unalloyed- UN alloyed (un a loid’) adj.

Not mixed; pure.

6. unadorned- UN adorned (un a dornd’) adj.

Not fancy; simple.

7. unambitious- UN ambitious (un am bish’ us) adj.

Not eager to get ahead.

8. unaffected- UN affected (un a fek’ ted) adj.

Not touched; unconcerned.

9. unaltered- UN altered (un al’ terd) adj.

Not changed.

10. uneducated- UN educated (un ed’ yu kate ed) adj.

Not learned.

11. unfinished- UN finished (un fin’ ishd) adj.

Not ended, as an unfinished story.

12. unhurried- UN hurried (un hur’ eed) adj.

Not in a rush; slow.

13. unknown- UN known (un none’) adj.

Not recognized; strange.

14. unloved- UN loved (un luvd’) adj.

Not cherished.

15. unread- UN read (un red’) adj.

Not read.

16. unspoken- UN spoken (un spoe’ ken) adj.

Not stated orally; not said.

17. untouched- UN touched (un touchd’) adj.

Not touched.

18. untouchable- UN touchable (un touch’ a b’l) adj.

Cannot be touched.

19. unwelcome- UN welcome (un wel’ kum) adj.

Not received graciously; unwanted.

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