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Undermanned, Undermentioned, Underpaid,

Underrate and Undersell

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Undermanned : adjective : with not enough staff to do the work

Undermanning : noun : having too few workers than are needed to do the company's work

• The company's production is affected by undermanning on the assembly line.

NOTE : no plural

Undermentioned : adjective : mentioned lower down in a document

Underpaid : adjective : not paid enough

• Our staffs say that they are underpaid and overworking.

Underrate : verb : to value less highly than should be

• Do not underrate the strength of the competition in the European market.

• The power of the yen is underrated.

Undersell : verb : to sell more cheaply than

• To undersell a competitor

• The company is never undersold. = No other company sells goods as cheaply as this one.

NOTE : underselling - undersold

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