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Unite : verb : to join together

• The directors united with the managers to reject the takeover bid.

United Nations = organization which links the countries of the world to promote good relations between them

Unladen : adjective : empty or without a cargo

Unlawful : adjective : against the law or not legal

Unlimited : adjective : with no limits

• The bank offered him unlimited credit.

Unlimited Liability = situation where a sole trader or each partner is responsible for all the firm's debts with no limit at the amount each may have to pay

Unlined : adjective : unlined paper with no lines printed on it

Unlisted : adjective : unlisted securities = shares which are not listed on the Stock Exchange

Unlisted Securities Market = market for buying and selling shares which are not listed on the Stock Exchange

Unload : verb :

(a) to take goods off (a ship, etc.)

• The ship is unloading at Hamburg.

• We need a fork-lift truck to unload the lorry.

• We unloaded the spare parts at Lagos.

• There are no unloading facilities for container ships.

(b) to sell (shares which do not seem attractive)

• We tried to unload our shareholding as soon as the company published its accounts.

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