Use of Simple Present Tense

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Use of Simple Present Tense :

  1. The simple present tense is used to express a regular, habitual or repeated actions or events.

    Examples :

    I change my library book every week.

    He takes the dog out twice a day.

    Birds usually build nests in the tree.

  2. To express a universal truth or scientific principle.

    Examples :

    The planets revolve round the sun.

    Water contains oxygen and hydrogen.

    Ice melts above 0o Celsius.

  3. To express a future action (Pre – planned action)

    Examples : To indicate an arranged programme

    The Governor arrives here tomorrow morning.

    The Chief Minister opens the new building in our school tomorrow.

    The Prime Minister of Russia arrives to India next month.

    The D.E.O. visits our school tomorrow.

  4. To indicate future action (definite one)

    Examples :

    Our examination begins on Monday next.

    My class teacher retires in May next year.

  5. The simple present Tense is used on Proverbs and Maxims.

    Examples :

    Honesty is the best policy.

    Time and tide wait for none.

    Barking dogs seldom bite.

    Empty vessels make the greatest sound.

    Slow and steady wins the race.

  6. The Simple Present tense is used for Future after Conjunctions showing time.

    Examples :

    Wait here till I return.

    Play after you finish your home work.

    Stay here until he comes.

    Pay your fees as soon as you receive the money.

  7. The Present tense is used in Imperative sentences.

    Examples :

    Write neatly.

    Work hard.

    Do well in the next time.

    Don’t smoke here.

  8. To tell about Past events in a dramatic way.

    Examples :

    Now King Porus leads his army and attacks Alexander.

    Our Jawans rush forward and fire at Pakistani army.

The presence of the following terms indicate the presence of Simple Present Tense in the sentence.

  • Always

  • As a rule

  • Daily

  • Ever

  • Every time

  • Every week / month / year etc.

  • , Everyday

  • Frequently

  • Generally

  • Hardly ever

  • In general

  • In modern days

  • In these days

  • Never

  • Normally

  • Now – a – days

  • Occasionally

  • Often

  • Periodically

  • Rarely

  • Regularly

  • Scarcely

  • Seldom

  • Sometimes

  • Us usual

  • Usually

  • Whenever

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