Using Microphone

Using Microphone

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By using microphone effectively, you will establish yourself over the audience in a firm manner. Many people are afraid of this little gizmo. It can be your best friend or your worst enemy. It can lend stature to your voice or highlight all its limitations.

Few tips to use a mike :

  • Consider the mike as your friend. After all if it were not for the mike, the audience could not have heard you.

  • Always keep the mike at a level slightly below your lips and its mid point in level with your chin. Make adjustments before you start talking.

  • Maintain a distance of approximately 12". This distance varies, depending upon the mike's pick up ability. Your best would be to establish every time a suitable distance and then keep it steady.

  • Never let your face be covered completely by the mike. This will hide the animation, smile and enthusiasm which your face is radiating. Only the mike will be seen in the photograph!

  • Don't shout. Talk naturally and distinctly.

  • Once a mike is adjusted, do not hold it or the rod that supports it.

  • Remember you are mostly voice only to the largest portion of your audience. Use your voice effectively and don't worry if you think it sounds queer. 99.9% - it does not.

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