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Valid, Validate, Validation and Validity

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Valid : adjective :

(a) which is acceptable because it is true

• That is not a valid argument or excuse.

(b) Which can be used lawfully

• The contract is not valid if it has not been witnessed.

• Ticket which is valid for three months will be cancelled next week.

• He was carrying a valid passport.

Validate : verb :

(a) to check to see if something is correct

• The document was validated by the bank.

(b) to make something valid

Validation : noun : act of making something valid

NOTE : no plural

Validity : noun : being valid

Period of Validity = length of time for which a document is valid

NOTE : no plural

Valorem : phrase = Ad Valorem

showing that a tax is calculated according to the value of the goods taxed

• Ad Valorem Duty

• Ad Valorem Tax

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