Vanity of A Crow

Vanity of A Crow :

Once, there was a crow that was always brooding about his colour. He thought sadly, "I am so black and ugly. If only I was colourful as other birds."

One day as the crow sat on a tree, a peacocks strutted by. They were walking with their feathers fanned out. The crow felt sad again, when he saw the peacocks' feathers. When the peacocks left, the crow found some of their feathers scattered on the ground. He picked them up and went to his friend the monkey. With his help, the crow tucked the feathers on his body. Then he went to the peacocks and said, "Let me join you for now I am as beautiful as you are."

But the peacocks grew angry and pecked the crow away from there. The crow flew back to his own friends. But the crows said, "Go away from here. You cannot live with us because you don't feel proud to be what you are."

So the poor crow was abandoned by his own fellows and had to lead a lonely life. He learnt to accept himself as he was.

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