English Vocabulary Index

Vocabulary for 7th September :

  1. Rash (adj.): in haste, done with out enough thought

  2. Rash (n): tiny red sports or patches an the skin

  3. Raspberry (n): a king of berry with yellow or red colour

  4. Rat (n): animal like a mouse, person who deserts and absconds

  5. Rat (v): hunt rats

  6. Ratable (adj.): taxable, assessable

  7. Ratchet (n): a gear wheel with a spring catch allowing winding in one direction only

  8. Rate (n): tax, price

  9. Rate (v): estimate, scold

  10. Ratepayer (n): one who pays rates

  11. Rather (adv.): sooner, some what, more properly, more correctly

  12. Ratify (v): confirm, approve

  13. Ratify (n): ratification

  14. Rating (n); fixing class or grade, one’s rank, tax

  15. Ratio (n): expression showing the relation by division between two quantities of the same kind

  16. Ration (n): fixed quantity of food allowed to each person

  17. Ration (v): limit to a fixed quantity

  18. Rational (adj.); sane, intellectual, judicious

  19. Rattan (v): cane

  20. Rattle (v): clatter, chatter

  21. Rattle (n); a toy which makes a clattering sound

  22. Rattlesnake (n); a venomous snake

  23. Ratty (adj.): angry, ill-tempered

  24. Ravage (v): to destroy, despoil

  25. Ravage (n); ruin, plunder

  26. Rave (v): talk widely, prate

  27. Ravel (v); complicate; ravel out

  28. Ravel (n): a knot, entanglement

  29. Raven (n); a kind of crow

  30. Ravenous (adj.): voracious, very hungry

  31. Ravine (n); deep, narrow valley

  32. Ravish (v): plunder, carry off by force, rape, bet witch

  33. Raw (adj.): immature, unskilful, cold, unrefined

  34. Ray (n); a line of light, heat or energy, a disease of sheep

  35. Ray (v); emit

  36. Rayon (n); artificial silk

  37. Raze (v); scratch out, level with the ground, destroy

  38. Razor (n); a sharp blade for shaving

  39. Re (prep): in regard to

  40. Reach (v); arrive at, fetch, to stretch the hand

  41. Reach (n); extent, stretch, range

  42. Reaction (n); rebound, reverse, action

  43. Reactionary (adj.); tending to go back to an old state

  44. Read (v): look at and refer to meaning, interpret, show or indicate

  45. Read (adj.): learned, readable

  46. Reader (n); one who reads, teacher in a university, text book for reading

Vocabulary for 7th September :

English Vocabulary Index


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