Vocabulary Activity for 12th January

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Vocabulary Activity for 12th January :

  1. ally (n) : friend, comrade, state joined to another by a treaty

  2. ally (v) : unite, join

  3. Alma Master (n) : nourishing mother, one’s school, college of university

  4. almanac (n) : an annual calendar with a list of days, weeks, months, astronomical information, etc., Nautical Almanac

  5. almighty (adj) : all powerful, great, omnipotent

  6. almirah (n) : a cupboard, wardrobe

  7. almond (n) : a hard fruit borne by trees like the peach

  8. almoner (n) : one who distributes alms or charity

  9. almonry (n) : the place where alms are distributed

  10. almost (adv) : nearly

  11. alms (n) : charity given for the relief of the poor

  12. aloe (n) : a bitter tropical plant

  13. aloft(adv & prep & adj) : high above the ground, upward, on high

  14. alone (prep &adj) : unaccompanied, single, all by oneself

  15. along (adv & pre) : lengthwise

  16. aloof (adv & adj) : at a distance, away, separated, stand aloof

  17. aloud (adv) : in an audible manner

  18. alpaca (n) : a variety of sheep with soft woolly hair

  19. alphabet (n) : the set of letters of a language, basic element

  20. alphabetical (adj) : of the letters

  21. alphabetical (adv) : alphabetically

  22. already (adv) : beforehand, by this time, even now, previously

  23. also (adv) : in addition, besides

  24. altar (n) : a raised place where sacrifices are offered

  25. alter (v) : modify, change, vary, render different

  26. alterability (n) : the quality of being changed

  27. alteration (n) : the act of altering change, variation, modification

  28. altercate (v) : engage in violent debate, contend strongly in words, wrangle

  29. altercate (n) : altercation; wordy quarrel

  30. alter ego (n) : another I, second self, inseparable friend

  31. alternate (v) : arrange alternately, succeed each other by turns

  32. alternately (adv) : one after another by turns

  33. alternative (n) : another possible choice that can be made other than the first choice

  34. alternative (adj) : mutually, exclusive

  35. although (conj) : though, not with standing that, in spite of being even, Supposing that

  36. altimeter (n) : instrument for measuring height above sea-level

Vocabulary Activity for 12th January :

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