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Vocabulary Booster for 15th July :

  1. Mutilate (v) : maim, cut off a limb

  2. Mutineer (n) : one who takes part in a mutiny

  3. Mutiny (n) : open rebellion against lawful authority

  4. Mutiny (v) : rebel, riot

  5. Mutter (v): utter or speak within the mouth, grumble

  6. Mutter (n) : a murmur

  7. Mutton (n) : flesh of sheep

  8. Mutual (adj.) : reciprocal, interchanging

  9. Muzzle (n) : the long nose and mouth of an animal; the mouth of a gun

  10. My (adj.): belonging to me

  11. Myself (pron.) : emphatic form of I, reflexive form of me

  12. Myopia (n) : short sight

  13. Myriad (n) : very great number, thousands

  14. Myrmidon (n) : a paid servant

  15. Myrrh (n) : gum resin used in medicine and perfumery

  16. Myrtle (n) : evergreen shrub with aromatic leaves

  17. Mysterious (adj.) : obscure, beyond human understanding

  18. Mystery (n) : the cause which is impossible to understand

  19. Mystic (adj.) : not able to understand, having a secret, meaning

  20. Mystical (adj.) : not able to understand, having a secret, meaning

  21. Mystify (v): make mysterious, perplex, puzzle

  22. Myth (n) : traditional story, religious legend

  23. Mythology (n): myths

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