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Vocabulary Booster for 16th July :

  1. Nab (v) : catch suddenly

  2. Nabob (n) : a deputy-governor under the Moghul empire in India

  3. Nag (n) : a small horse

  4. Nag (v) : tease by finding fault

  5. Naiad (n): a water-nymph

  6. Nail (n) : a thin pointed piece of metal for fastening substances, horny scale at the fingers and toes

  7. Naïve (adj.): simple, innocent, artless, not clever

  8. Naïve (adv.) : naively

  9. Naïveté (n); natural simplicity

  10. Naked (adj.) : without clothes, uncovered

  11. Name (n) : the word used to call or identify a person or thing

  12. Namely (adv) : that is to say

  13. Namesake (n) : a person or thing having the same name as another

  14. Nanny-goat (n) : she goat

  15. Nap (n) : a short sleep

  16. Nap (v) : sleep for a while; catch NAPPING

  17. Nape (n) : the back of the neck

  18. Napery (n.) : table cloth

  19. Naphtha (n): a liquid used for burning for cleaning clothes etc.,

  20. Napkin (n) : small cloth for wiping the lips and hands

  21. Narcotic (adj.): inducing sleep or deadening pain

  22. Narrate (n) : narration

  23. Narrate (v) : tell in detail

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