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Vocabulary Builder for 17th July :

  1. Narrative (n): a story, an account of events

  2. Narrow (adj.) : not broad; illiberal; selfish

  3. Narrow (v) : make narrow

  4. Nasal (adj.): pertaining to the nose

  5. Nasty (adj.) : very dirty, dangerous, unfriendly

  6. Natal (adj.) : relating to birth

  7. Natant (adj.) : swimming, floating

  8. Nation (n) : people united by a common language or religion

  9. National (adj.): pertaining to a nation

  10. Nationalism (n) : patriotism

  11. Nationality (n): being one in a nation

  12. Nationalize (v) : convert into national property or undertakings

  13. Nationalise (v) : convert into national property or undertakings

  14. Native (n) : a person born in a place

  15. Native (adj.) : inborn, pertaining to a person by birth

  16. Natty (adj.): neat, tidy

  17. Natural (adj.): inborn, normal

  18. Naturalize (v) : make natural, invest with the rights of a citizen

  19. Naturally (adv) : in the natural course, without the effort on man

  20. Nature (n) : the qualities, the world around us

  21. Naught (n): nothing, zero (0)

  22. Naughty (adj.): mischievous, behaving badly

  23. Nausea (v): make disgusting

  24. Nauseate (v) : make disgusting

  25. Nautical (adj.) : concerning navigation, natural mile

  26. Nautilus (n): a small sea creature

  27. Nautical mile (n); mile-unit regarding sea

  28. Naval (adj.): pertaining to ships (of war)

  29. Navel (n) : a small hole in the middle part of the body

  30. Navigable (adj.): passable by ship

  31. Navigate (v): sail; manage a ship

  32. Navigation (n): art of steering ship, sailing

  33. Navy (n) : one employed in making roads, etc., a fleet of warships

  34. Nay (adv.) : no; not only that

  35. Nay (n): denial

  36. Naze (n): a cape

  37. Neanderthalman (n) : early, animal like type of man

  38. Neap (n) : a low tide

  39. Near (adv & prep) : close

  40. Near (adj.) : not far away

  41. Nearly (adv): about, almost, a little less

  42. Nearly (n) : nearness

  43. Nearness (n); being near, proximity

  44. Neat (adj.) : tidy, pertaining to cattle

  45. Neat (n) : any animal of ox-kind

Vocabulary Builder for 17th July :

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