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Vocabulary Builder for 9th September :

  1. Recess (n): temporary cessation from work, an out of the way spot, alcove

  2. Recipe (n); prescription

  3. Recipient (n): person who receives

  4. Reciprocal (adj.): mutual, interchangeable

  5. Reciprocal (n): result obtained when one is divided by a quantity

  6. Reciprocate (v): give and take

  7. Recital (n): narration from memory

  8. Recite (v): narrate, to repeat from memory

  9. Reck (v): to care for

  10. Reckless (adj.): rash, careless, thoughtless

  11. Reckon (v): count

  12. Reclaim (v): bring back to a useful condition, to demand the return of, reform

  13. Reclamation (n): recovery, reforming

  14. Recline (v): lie, lean

  15. Recluse (n): one who lives in seclusion

  16. Recognise (v): recollect, identity

  17. Recognize (v): recollect, identity

  18. Recognition (n): the act of recognising, the condition of being acknowledged

  19. Recoil (v): kick back, react

  20. Recoil (n): a rebound

  21. Recollect (v): remember, call back to the mind

  22. Recollection (n): bringing back to mind, remembrance

  23. Recommence (v): to advised, speak favourably of, to say that a person or thing is good

  24. Recommendation (n); commendation, favourable report regarding fitness

  25. Recompense (v): reward, make payment, remunerate

  26. Recompense (n); repayment

  27. Reconcile (v); pacify, to make friends again after a quarrel

  28. Reconnaissance (n): survey of stretch of area occupied by the enemy forces

  29. Reconsider (v): ponder over gain

  30. Record (n); state of being preserved in writing, a register

  31. Record (v); register

  32. Recount (v); to count again, narrate

  33. Recoup (v); reimburse, make good, recover

  34. Recourse (n); seeking help from, refuge, resort

  35. Recover (v): to improve after sickness, get back

  36. Recovery (n); restoration to health after sickness, getting back

  37. Recreant (adj.): cowardly, unfaithful

  38. Recreation (n); refreshment, amusement

  39. Recrimination (n); a counter charge, accusing in return

  40. Recrudescence (n): new outburst, renewed out break

Vocabulary Builder for 9th September :

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