Vocabulary Builders for 13th January

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Vocabulary Builders for 13th January :

  1. altitude (n) : height above sea-level, depth

  2. altogether (adv) : quite, entirely, in all respects, completely, on the whole

  3. altruism (n) : devotion to others or to humanity, principle of considering the interest of others

  4. alum (n) : a white mineral salt, double sulphate of aluminium and potassium

  5. aluminium (n) : a white light metal which does not rust in air

  6. alumnus (n) : former student of a university, college or school

  7. always (adv) : at all times, continually, on every occasion

  8. am (v) : first person singular present tense form of “to be”

  9. amain (adv) : forcibly, in haste, without delay

  10. amalgam (n) : a mixture of a metal with mercury, a mixture of different things

  11. amalgamate (v) : mix metals with mercury, mix, unite

  12. amalgamation (n) : the process of mixing a metal with mercury, mixing up

  13. amaranth (n) : an unfading flower

  14. amass (v) : heap in large quantity, accumulate

  15. amateur (n) : one who practises an art just for pleasure and not for money

  16. amaze (v) : confound with surprise or wonder, bewilder, surprise, perplex

  17. amazement (n) : great surprise, wonder, bewilderment

  18. Amazon (n) : member of a nation of female warriors, a female warrior, a virago

  19. Amazon (n) : a river in South America

  20. ambassador (n) : an officer of high rank of one country, a consul, a messenger

  21. amber (n) : a yellow fossil resign used in making ornaments

  22. ambidexter (adj) : capable of using both hands with equal ease

  23. ambit (n) : extent, sphere, bounds, circuit

  24. ambition (n) : aspiration, great desire to rise, a wish for power, or fame

  25. ambitious (adj) : full of ambition, aspiring, eagerly, desirous, ambitious plans

  26. amble (v) : walk leisurely

  27. amble (n) : an unhurried walk

  28. ambrosia (n) : the food of the gods any delicious food, anything delightful to smell

  29. ambulance (n) : a covered vehicle for carrying the sick or injured people, a moving hospital

  30. ambulate (v) : go about, walk

  31. ambulate (n) : ambulation; walking about, moving from place to place

  32. ambush (n) : ambuscade, a concealment to make a surprise attack, the place a concealment for sudden attack

Vocabulary Builders for 13th January :

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