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Vocabulary Building on 4th May :

  1. Glutton (n) : one who eats to excess, a great lover of reading books

  2. Gluttony (n) : having excessive liking for food

  3. Gnarled (adj.) : twisted, knotty

  4. Gnash (v) : grind the teeth

  5. Gnat (n) : a small blood-sucking fly, a very small thing, a small trouble

  6. Gnaw (v) : corrode, to bite into small bits

  7. Gneiss (n) : a hard kind of rock

  8. Go (v) : move, proceed, depart, pass, try, to become, start

  9. Goad (v) : urge forward drive

  10. Goad (n) : anything that urges one forward, a sharp-pointed stick for urging cattle

  11. Goal (n) : aim, objective, end, winning post

  12. Goat (n) : a domestic animal of the sheep family

  13. Goat-herd (n) : one who tends goats

  14. Gobble (v) : sound like a turkey, eat or swallow hurriedly and with a sound

  15. Goblet (n) : a handless driving glass

  16. Goblin (n) : demon, an evil spirit

  17. Gocart (n) : a frame work on wheels for teaching infants to walk

  18. God (n) : the supreme being, deity, the creator of the world

  19. Godown (n) : store, a store house

  20. God-father (n) : one who acts as sponsor at baptism

  21. Godliness (n) : devotion to god, piety

  22. Godliness (adj.) : godly

  23. Godsend (n) : unexpected good fortune, a piece of good fortune

  24. God-speed (n) : success, good fortune, a wish for success

  25. Go-getter (n) : a pushing person, one who secures what he sets out to get

  26. Goggle (v) : roll about eyes

  27. Goggles (n) : large protecting spectacles

  28. Going (adj.) : working, existing

  29. Gold (n) : a thing of highest quality, a precious yellow metal

  30. Gold (adj.) : golden

  31. Goldsmith (n) : a worker in gold

  32. Golf (n) : a game with a ball and club

  33. Gong (n) : gives a loud sound, bell, bronze drum, a metal disc with a rim which

  34. Good (n) : benefit, advantage

  35. Good (pl) : articles of trade

  36. Good (adj.) : advantageous, right, virtuous, suitable, useful, clever , beneficent

  37. Good-by-or bye (inter) : a salutation at parting

  38. Goodly (adj.) : good looking, fine

  39. Goodwill (n) : benevolence, kind or friendly feeling

  40. Goose (n) : a web-footed swimming bird like the duck

  41. Gooseberry (n) : a thorny shrub and its fruit

Vocabulary Building on 4th May :

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