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Vocabulary Building for 24th November :

  1. Tola (n) : an Indian of weight

  2. Told (v) : past tense and past participle of TELL

  3. Tolerable (adj.) : endurable, bearable

  4. Tolerance (n) : patience, indulgence, power to endure or bear

  5. Toll (n) : a tax or charge to be paid for passing over a road or selling good

  6. Toll (v) : to sound (as a large bell)

  7. Tollgate (n) : a gate where toll is taken or collected

  8. Tomato (n) : soft juicy yellow or red fruit

  9. Tomb (n) : a grave

  10. Tomboy (n) : a girl who plays boy’s games

  11. Tomcat (n) : a male cat

  12. Tom fall (n) : a foolish person

  13. Tom Tom (n) : drum used by Indian jugglers and musicians

  14. Ton (n) : a measure of weight, 2240 Lbs

  15. Tone (n) : a vocal or musical sound, character or style

  16. Tongs (n) : a device for seizing or lifting objects

  17. Tongue (n) : the movable flesh organ in the mouth used to taste, lick and talk, language, faculty of speaking

  18. Tongue tied (adj.) : unable to speak

  19. Tonic (n) : medicine given to make one strong

  20. Tonight (adv.) : on or during the present night

  21. Tonight (n) : this night

  22. Tonnage (n) : a duty or tax on ships, the weight in tons, capacity of a ship in tons

  23. Tonsil (n) : one of the two small oval shaped tissues in throat

  24. Tonsillitis (n) : inflammation of the tonsils

  25. Too (adv.) : over, more than enough likewise in addition, as well

  26. Took (v) : past tense of TAKE

  27. Tool (n) : any implement

  28. Toot (n) : a sound made by blowing, a sound

  29. Tooth (n) : each small bony structure rooted in the jaws employed to bite etc.

  30. Toothsome (adj.) : pleasant to the taste

  31. Topaz (n) : a crystalline mineral used as a gem

  32. Toper (n) : one who takes much strong drink

  33. Topic (n) : the subject of writing, discussion etc.

  34. Topmost (adj.) : highest

  35. Topography (n) : the science of showing a place or region on maps

  36. Topple (v) : to unsteady and fall down

  37. Topsail (n) : the second square sail above the deck on any mast

  38. Torch (n) : flambeau, a light portable lamp (electric hand light)

  39. Torchbearer (n) : one who carries a torch, a leader

  40. Torchlight (n) : the light of a torch

  41. Torment (n) : torture, severe mental or bodily suffering

  42. Torment (v) : annoy

Vocabulary Building for 24th November :

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