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Vocabulary Definitions for 31st October :

  1. Steady (adj.) : firm, uniform, industrious

  2. Steady (v) : hold firm support

  3. Steak (n) : a slice of meat to be cooked

  4. Steal (v) : take secretly (without right)

  5. Stealing (n) : theft

  6. Stealth (n) : the act of stealing, going unnoticed, secrecy

  7. Steam (n) : water turned into gas or vapour by heat

  8. Steam-engine (n) : an engine worked by steam

  9. Steamer (n) : a vessel moved by steam

  10. Steed (n) : a war horse

  11. Steel (n) : herd alloy of iron and carbon

  12. Steel (v) : make hard

  13. Steelyard (n) : a balance with a single pan and a scaled beam

  14. Steen (v) : line well or shaft with bricks

  15. Steep (adj.) : precipitous

  16. Steep (n) : a cliff

  17. Steep (v) : to soak in liquid

  18. Steeple (n) : a tower, spire of a church

  19. Steeplechase (n) : a horse race in which the horse has to jump over obstacles

  20. Steersman (n) : one who steers

  21. Stellar (adj.) : pertaining to the stars

  22. Stem (n) : part of a plant coming up from the soil, dynasty

  23. Stench (n) : a bad smell

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