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Vocabulary Development for 30th October :

  1. Statement (n) : expression in words, act of stating

  2. Statesman (n) : skilled person who takes prominent part in the management of the government

  3. Statesmanship (n) : skill in managing state affairs

  4. Static (adj.) : at rest, stationary

  5. Station (n) : a regular stopping place for trains or buses, terminal, social condition, a place assigned for duty

  6. Stationary (adj.) : not moving, fixed

  7. Stationery (adj.) : writing materials

  8. Statistics (n) : collection of information shown in numbers

  9. Statue (n) : figure (of a person or animal) in wood, stone, etc.

  10. Stature (n) : tallness, height

  11. Status (n) : social position, rank

  12. Statue (n) : law, act enactment

  13. Staunch (adj.) : loyal, steadfast

  14. Stave (n) : one of the curved pieces of wood used for the side of a barrel or but

  15. Stay (v) : remain, reside

  16. Stay (n) : abode, step, a time of remaining in place, delay, a rest

  17. Stead (n) : place, room service, help in another’s stead, stand in good stead

  18. Steadfast (adj.) : constant, firm, fixed

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