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Vocabulary Exercises for 31st July :

  1. Outdo (v): to outwit

  2. Outdoor (adj.) : in the open air, out of the house

  3. Outdoors (adv): in the open; out side

  4. Outer (adj.): farther from centre, external

  5. Outermost (adj.): farthest from the centre or inside

  6. Outfall (n) : outlet of river

  7. Outfit (n) : all the clothes, articles, equipment needed for a purpose

  8. Outflow (n) : flowing out

  9. Outgoing (adj.) : leaving, going out

  10. Outgrow (v) : grow faster or get taller than

  11. Outhouse (n): a small building near the residence

  12. Outing (n) : a pleasure trip

  13. Outlaw (n) : a person deprived of the protection of law; row

  14. Outlaw (v): banish

  15. Outlay (n): expenditure, amount spent

  16. Outlet (n) : a passage for letting something out

  17. Outline (n) : bounding line, a brief account

  18. Outlive (v) : survive, live beyond

  19. Outlook (n) : act of looking out, mental view, a place for watching out, expectation

  20. Outlying (adj.) : situated for away, far off

  21. Outnumber (v): exceed in number

  22. Out-of date (adj.) : not current, old fashioned

  23. Out-of-the-way (adj.) : lying beyond easy reach, away from the proper course

  24. Outpatient (n) : a person getting treatment without staying in the clinic or hospital

  25. Outpost (n) : a post or station beyond the main body, in the wilds, a remote settlement

  26. Output (n) : the quantity produced in a given time

  27. Outrage (n): wanton mischief, extreme violence

  28. Outrider (n) : a servant who rides in front of a carriage

  29. Outright (adj.): through, positive

  30. Outright (adv.) : at once, completely

  31. Outrun (n): to run faster than

  32. Outset (n): initial stage, beginning

  33. Outshine (v) : excel in shining

  34. Outside (n): the external part of anything

  35. Outside (adj.) : external

  36. Outsider (n) : one not concerned, a non-member

  37. Outsize (n) : a very large size

  38. Outskirts (n): border(s), outer edge(s)

  39. Out span (v) : to loosen oxen from a wagon

  40. Outspoken (adj.) : candid, frank

Vocabulary Exercises for 31st July :

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