Vocabulary Exercises for TOEFL

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Vocabulary Exercises for TOEFL for 7th August :

  1. Parity (n) : equality, similarity

  2. Parlance (n) : talk

  3. Parley (n) : a discussion of disputed points

  4. Parley (v) : discuss terms

  5. Parliament (n) : a supreme law making council or assembly

  6. Parlour (n): a drawing-room, a room for familiar conversation

  7. Parole (n) : prisoner’s solemn promise to return a promise, word of honour

  8. Paroxysm (n) : sudden fit of pain

  9. Parr (n) : a young salmon

  10. Parricide (n): one who murders one’s parent, the murder of one’s parent

  11. Parrot (n): a bright-hued tropical bird with hooked beak and fleshy tongue and capable of being trained to talk

  12. Parry (v) : turn aside, ward off

  13. Parse (v) : to describe grammatically

  14. Parsimonious (adj.) : stingy, miserly

  15. Parsimony (n): frugality, niggardliness

  16. Parsnip (n) : a plant with an edible root

  17. Parson (n) : a clergyman

  18. Part (n) : side, share a portion, a character in a play

  19. Part (v) : divide; separate, go away from

  20. Partake (v) : take part, have a share

  21. Partial (adj.) : of part only, one sided

  22. Partiality (n): bias, favouritism

  23. Participate (v) : to take part

  24. Participle (n) : verbal adjective

  25. Particle (n) : a small bit, smallest possible quantity

  26. Particular (adj.) : remarkable, not worthy

  27. Particular (n) : detail

  28. Particularize (v) : show individually, give details

  29. Parting (n) : death, separation

  30. Partisan (n) : member of a party

  31. Partition (n) :a division in to parts, the act of dividing

  32. Partly (adv): in parts

  33. Partner (n) : one who shares

  34. Partnership (n) : the state of being a partner, a joint business

  35. Partridge (n) : a bird which is shot for sport

  36. Part-time (adj.) : working for part of the time only

  37. Part-time (adv.) : working for part of the time only

  38. Party (n) : a group of persons, faction, select persons (set of persons)invited to an entertainment, Persons involved in a suit

  39. Pass (v) : to be successful, to move onward, spend, accept, transmit

  40. Passage (n) : a way

  41. Passenger (n) : a traveller, tourist

  42. Passé-by (n) : one who passes along the road

Vocabulary Exercises for TOEFL for 7th August :

English Vocabulary Index

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