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Vocabulary Game for 30th November :

  1. Trousers (n & pl) : a garment for males (from waist to ankles)

  2. Trout (n) : a fresh water fish

  3. Trow (v) : to think, to suppose

  4. Trowel (n) : a flat-bladed implement

  5. Troy weight (n) : a system of weight for gold, diamonds, etc.

  6. Truant (n) : an idle boy staying sway from school without reason or permission, a person shirking his duties

  7. Truce (n) : a temporary suspension of hostilities between two armies or states

  8. Truck (n) : an open wagon to carry heavy loads, commodities for sale

  9. Truculent (adj.) : cruel, violent

  10. Trudge (n) : a long tiring walk

  11. Trudge (v) : walk wearily

  12. True (adj.) : genuine, right, faithful, honest

  13. Truism (n) : a plain or self-evident truth

  14. Trump (n) : a card of more value than others in a card game

  15. Trumped-up (adj.) : make up to deceive

  16. Trumpet (n) : a musical wind instrument, (horn or a large bugle)

  17. Trumpet (v): proclaim

  18. Truncate (v) : cut off

  19. Truncheon (n): a short staff, baton, staff or authority

  20. Trunk (n) : stem of a tree, human body without head and limbs, proboscis of a elephant

  21. Trust (n) : firm belief, faith, confidence, thing entrusted

  22. Trust (v) : believe, entrust

  23. Trustee (n) : one to whom anything is trusted

  24. Trustworthy (adj.) : fit to be trusted

  25. Truth (n) : reality, that which is true

  26. Try (v) : make an attempt, test

  27. Try (n) : a test or trial

  28. Trying (adj.) : distressing, putting a strain on

  29. Tryst (n) : arranged meeting

  30. Tsar (n) : the Russian emperor of old

  31. Czar (n) : the Russian emperor of old

  32. Tzar (n) : the Russian emperor of old

  33. Test se (n) : a kind of deadly African fly

  34. Tub (n) : a broad open vessel

  35. Tub (v) : bathe

  36. Tuba (n) : a large low-toned horn

  37. Tube (n) : a pipe, a long hollow cylindrical body

  38. Tuber (n) : thick swollen part of the underground system, a swelling in the body

  39. Tuberculosis (n) : a communicable disease

  40. Tuck (v) : gather up or roll

  41. Tuck (n) : a horizontal fold made in a garment

  42. Tuesday (n) : third day of the weak

  43. Tuft (n) : knot, bunch of hair, grass etc., Fastened tightly at one end, a cluster

  44. Tufted (adj.) : possessing a tuft

  45. Tuition (n) : teaching, giving instruction

Vocabulary Game for 30th November :

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