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Vocabulary Instruction for 29th November :

  1. Tried (adj.) : well tested

  2. Triennial (adj.) : what continues for three years or repeats every third year

  3. Trifle (n) : anything of no value or importance

  4. Trifling (adj.) : of small value or importance, trivial

  5. Trigger (n) : lever for releasing a spring escape in a fire gun

  6. Trigonometry (n) : the branch of mathematics that deals with the relations between the sides and angles of triangles

  7. Trill (v) : to sing with a quivering sound

  8. Trim (adj.) : in good order, nice

  9. Trim (n) : dress, ornaments, state or readiness

  10. Trim (v) : put in order, dress, adjust, prune, arrange and balance

  11. Trinity (n) : union of three, union of three divine beings, (Father, Son, and Holy Ghost)

  12. Trinket (n) : a trifle, a small jewel

  13. Trio (n & pl) : any three things unite together

  14. Trip (n) : a short journey, excursion, an error

  15. Trip (v) : to move quickly

  16. Triple (adj.) : consisting of three united, three fold

  17. Tripod (n) : a stand having three feet, a three-legged furniture

  18. Tripos (n) : an examination for honours degree in Cambridge University

  19. Trite (adj.) : common, hackneyed

  20. Triumphal (adj.) : celebrating victory, relating to triumph

  21. Triumphant (adj.) : victorious

  22. Triumvirate (n) : an association three men in office or government

  23. Trivial (adj.) : trifling, of little importance

  24. Troll (v) : to sing, to fish by using a spinning hook

  25. Troll (n) : a goblin

  26. Trolley (n) : a small truck running on rails, a movable table used for serving

  27. Trombone (n) : a musical instrument of the trumpet kind

  28. Troop (n) : a collection of people or soldiers

  29. Trophy (n) : a memorial of victory

  30. Tropic (adj.) : of or near the tropic

  31. Tropics (n) : the torrid zones, the hot countries in this region

  32. Trot (n) : a pace faster than walk but not so fast as gallop

  33. Trot (v) : run with such steps

  34. Troth (n) : a promise to marry, faith

  35. Troubadour (n) : a wandering poet

  36. Trouble (n) : annoyance, disturbance

  37. Trouble (v) : annoy, disturb, worry

  38. Troublesome (adj.) ; annoying vexatious

  39. Trough (n) : a long shallow vessel for water or other liquid

  40. Troupe (n) : a company of actors or other performers

Vocabulary Instruction for 29th November :

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