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Vocabulary Learning for 27th November :

  1. Transitive (adj.) : taking a direct object to complete the meaning

  2. Transitory (adj.) : lasting for a short time, speedily vanishing, temporary

  3. Translate (v) : change into a different language

  4. Transliterate (v) : put the words in one language in the alphabetical order of another language

  5. Translucent (adj.) : permitting light to pas through partially

  6. Transmigration (n) : the belief that the soul passes at death into some other body

  7. Transmission (n) : sending from one person or place, communicate pass on

  8. Transmit (v) : send across to an other person or place, communicate pass on

  9. Transmutation (n) : changing the nature or form of substance itself

  10. Transparent (adj.) : allowing light completely to pass through

  11. Transpire (v) : to emit as (vapour or gas) : through the excretory organs, become known

  12. Transplant (v) : remove a plant at one place and plant it at another place

  13. Transplantation (n) : the act of transplanting

  14. Transport (n) : convey persons or goods from one place to another

  15. Transportation (n) : conveying from one place to another banishment

  16. Transpose (v) : to interchange to transport

  17. Transverse (adj.) : lying across, crosswise

  18. Trap (n) : a device to catch animals

  19. Trap (v) : catch in a trap

  20. Trapeze (n) : horizontal rod hanging from two ropes used by acrobats or persons engaged In physical training

  21. Trapezium (n) : a four-sided plane figure of which two sides are parallel

  22. Trappings (n & pl) : ornament or clothes, escape for horses

  23. Trash (n) : worthless, material or writing, nonsense

  24. Travel (v) : make a journey

  25. Travel (n) : journey

  26. Traveller (n) : one who travels

  27. Traverse (v) : travel, pass over, lie across, contradict

  28. Travesty (n) : ridiculous description of something

  29. Trawl (v) :fish by dragging a large net, drag along

  30. Trawler (n) : one who trawls

  31. Tray (n) : a flat shallow utensil

  32. Treacherous (adj.) : traitorous faithless, disloyal

  33. Treachery (n) : ticket, betrayal

  34. Treacle (n) : a thick sugary syrup

Vocabulary Learning for 27th November :

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