Vocabulary Lesson for 20th July

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Vocabulary Lesson for 20th July :

  1. Niece (n): a daughter of ones brother or sister (masculine) : nephew

  2. Niggard (n) : stingy person, miser

  3. Niggard (adj.) : niggardly

  4. Nigger (n): a Negro

  5. Niggling (adj.):of little account, petty

  6. Nigh (adj.) : near; (adv) : nearby

  7. Nigh (prep.) : near to

  8. Night (n) : time between sunset and sunrise

  9. Nightfall (n) : evening

  10. Nightingale (n): a small bird which sings at night

  11. Nightmare (n): a horrible dream, a feeling of suffocation during sleep

  12. Nil (n): nothing

  13. Nimble (adj.): brisk, active

  14. Nimbus (n) : the rain-bearing black cloud, a halo

  15. Nincompoop (n) : a fool, a block head

  16. Nine (n &adj.): one less than ten

  17. Nine fold (adj.): nine times

  18. Nine-pins (n) : a game with nine pins and a ball

  19. Nineteen (n & adj.) : one less than twenty

  20. Ninety (n): nine times ten

  21. Ninny (n) : a fool

  22. Nip (v) : destroy, pinch, nip in the bud

  23. Nippers (n) : small pincers

  24. Nipple (n) : the small prominence in the breast of female, a teat

  25. Nit (n): the egg of insects

  26. Nitre (n): a chemical substance used in making gunpowder, potassium nitrate of saltpetre

  27. Nitrogen (n): an inert gas (occpying4/5 of the air)

  28. No (adj.) : not any

  29. No (adv.) : by no amount, not at all

  30. No (n) : a negative reply

  31. Nobility (n): greatness of mind, persons holding the rank of nobles

  32. Noble (n) : a person of high rank

  33. Noble (adj.) : born of a high family, broad minded, dignified

  34. Nobody (n); no one

  35. Nocturnal (adj.): nightly

  36. Nocuss (adj.) : harmful

  37. Nod (n): slight bow

  38. Nod (v) : give sing of approval

  39. Node (n) : the joint in a stem

  40. Noise (n): uproar

  41. Noisy (adj.) : full of noise, making noise

  42. Nomad (n) : a wanderer, a member of a wandering tribe

  43. Nomadic (adv.) : wandering, roving

  44. Nomenclature (n) : method of naming, names as a whole

  45. Nominal (adj.) : not real, consisting of names, nominal roll

  46. Nominate (v): to name or propose for an office

  47. Nomination (n) : appointment, right to nominate, proposal to contest an election

Vocabulary Lesson for 20th July :

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