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Vocabulary Lesson Plan for 23rd July :

  1. Nursery (n) : an apartment for children, a place set apart for bringing forward young plants

  2. Nurseling (n): a young plant, a young animal, a child cared for by a nurse

  3. Nurture (n) : nourishment, bringing up

  4. Nurture (v) : feed, bring up

  5. Nutcrackers (n): an instrument for breaking nuts

  6. Nutmeg (n): an aromatic nut

  7. Nutriment (n) : nourishing, food

  8. Nutrition (n) : nourishment, food

  9. Nutritious (adj.) : possessing nourishing qualities

  10. Nutshell (n) : the hard shell round a nut

  11. Nuxvomica (n) : a poisonous seed

  12. Nylon (n) : an artificial thread made from chemicals

  13. Nymph (n) : a goddess of the woods, mountains, rivers etc.

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