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Vocabulary Lesson Plan for 24th July :

  1. O (inter) : an exclamation expressing an emotion, fifteenth letter of the English alphabet

  2. Oaf (n) : deformed or idiot child

  3. Oak (n) : a hard strong valuable timber tree

  4. Oakum (n): loose hemp-distained by picking old ropes

  5. Oar (n) : pole with a flat blade used in rowing

  6. Oarsman (n) : one using an oar

  7. Oasis (n) : a fertile spot in a desert

  8. Oat (n) : a kind of grass that produces edible seed or gain

  9. Oath (n) : a solemn declaration or undertaking

  10. Obduracy (n): stubbornness, hard heartedness

  11. Obdurate (adj.) : stern, hard hearted

  12. Obedience (adj.) : dutifulness, submission, yielding to authority

  13. Obedient (adj.) : submissive; dutiful

  14. Obedient (adv) : obediently

  15. Obeisance (n): an act of reverence or homage

  16. Obese (adj.) : fat

  17. Obey (v) : do as told, be ruled by, submit

  18. Obituary (n) : information about the death of a person or persons published in a newspaper

  19. Object (n) : purpose or aim, a thing that one can see or feel

  20. Object (v) : oppose or express objection

  21. Objection (n) : disapproval, dislike or opposition

  22. Oblation (n): a sacrifice or offering

  23. Obligation (n): indebtedness for a favour, act of obliging

  24. Obligatory (adj.): compulsory, binding

  25. Oblige (v) : bind by some favour, gratify, force

  26. Oblique (adj.): slanting, inclined

  27. Obliterate (v) : rub off, efface, strike off so as not to be seen

  28. Obliterate (n) : obliteration

  29. Oblivion (n): state of being forgotten, disregard

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