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Vocabulary Lesson Plans for 25th July :

  1. Oblivious (adj.): forgetful, causing forgetfulness not aware

  2. Oblong (adj.) : rectangular and of greater length than breadth

  3. Oblong (n) : a rectangle

  4. Obnoxious (adj.) : offensive, hurtful

  5. Oboe (n): wooden wind instrument

  6. Obscene (adj.): indecent, offensive to chastity

  7. Obscenity (n): an indecent act or language, impurity

  8. Obscure (adj.): indistinct, dark, hidden

  9. Obscure (v) : hide, darken

  10. Obsequies (n.pl) : funeral rites and solemnities

  11. Obsequious (adj.): submissive, humble

  12. Observance (n) : performance, rite ceremony obedient attention

  13. Observant (adj.) : carefully, attentive, obedient to law and customs

  14. Observation (n): act of observing, remark, that which is observed

  15. Observatory (n):a place for astronomical and physical observations

  16. Observe (v): keep in view, watch, perform duly, make remarks

  17. Obsess (v) : continually distress occupy the mind of

  18. Obsolete (adj.): out of date, disused

  19. Obstacle (n): hindrance, let

  20. Obstinacy (n): stubbornness, fixedness that yields with difficulty

  21. Obstinate (adj.): stubborn

  22. Obstreperous (adj.) : making noise

  23. Obstruct (v) : block up, hinder

  24. Obstruction (n): obstacle, hindrance, act of obstruction

  25. Obstructive (adj.): causing obstruction

  26. Obtain (v) : gain, get, acquire

  27. Obtrude (v): to intrude, to force upon

  28. Obverse (n): the head side of a coin

  29. Obviate (v) : get rid of, clear away, remove

  30. Obvious (adj.): evident, clear

  31. Occasion (n) : a happening, an opportunity

  32. Occasional (adj.) : infrequent

  33. Occasionally (adv): rarely, sometimes, not often

  34. Occident (n) : the west

  35. Occult (adj.): hidden, secret, mysterious, magical

  36. Occupant (n) : one who occupies

  37. Occupation (n) : business or work, what one is doing

Vocabulary Lesson Plan for 25th July :

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