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Vocabulary Lesson Plans for 26th July :

  1. Occupy (v) : employ, keep engaged, possess

  2. Occur (v): happen, be found or met with, dawn on the mind

  3. Occurrence (n): an incident

  4. Ocean (n) : the vast body of water that surrounds the land masses

  5. Ochre (n): a kind of clay used of dousing

  6. Octagon (n): a plane figure of eight sides

  7. Octave (n): anything consisting of eight; the eighth not from any note in music

  8. October (n) : the tenth month of the English year

  9. Ocular (adj.): visual, actually see, relating to eyes or sight

  10. Odd (adj.) : not even or not exactly divisible by two, not habitual, irregular, extra, strange

  11. Oddity (n): peculiarity, queerness

  12. Odds (n) : inequalities, difference, miscellaneous small articles

  13. Ode (n): a song

  14. Odium (n): wide-spread, hatred, blame

  15. Odorous (adj.): fragrant, sweet-smelling

  16. Odour (n): smell

  17. Of (prep.) : from out, from among, belong to, out of

  18. Off (adj.): distant, far

  19. Off (adv.) : away from

  20. Off (prep.) : not on, away from; (inter): away

  21. Offal (n): refuse, waste

  22. Offence (n) : illegal act, insult, crime

  23. Offend (v): insult, annoy, displease, do wrong

  24. Offensive (adj.) : displeasing, insulting

  25. Offer (v) : hold out for acceptance or rejection

  26. Offer (n) : that which is offered

  27. Offering (n) : an act of showing or holding out for acceptance or rejection

  28. Offhand (adj.) : without study

  29. Offhand (adj.) : at once

  30. Office (n): official position, a place of business

  31. Officer (n): one who is in charge of an office, one with authority

  32. Official (n) : a public officer

  33. Official (adj.) : relating to an office

  34. Officiate (v): carry out the duties of an office, act (for)

  35. Officious (adj.): to eager or ready to help or offer advice, use authority

  36. Offing (n) : off the shore

  37. Offset (v): make up for, balance

  38. Offset (n) : the thing that makes up, perpendicular line drawn from the chain-line in field measurement

  39. Offshoot (n) : branch, consequence

  40. Offspring (n) : child or children

Vocabulary Lesson Plan for 26th July :

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