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Vocabulary Lesson Plans for 13th September :

  1. Religious (adj.): pertaining to religion

  2. Relinquish (v): give up, resign

  3. Relish (v): to like the taste of enjoy

  4. Relish (n); good taste, enjoyment of food or other things, liking for

  5. Reluctance (n): unwillingness, dislike

  6. Reluctant (adj.): unwilling

  7. Reluctant (adv.): reluctantly

  8. Rely (v): to have full confidence in depend on

  9. Remain (v): wait, abide, survive, be left

  10. Remain (n& pl): a corpse, ruins

  11. Remainder (n): the rest, a thing or amount left over

  12. Remains (n): that which is left, a corpse

  13. Remand (v): send back to custody

  14. Remark (n); notice, comment

  15. Remark (v): say something as a comment

  16. Remarkable (adj.): famous, important

  17. Remediable (adj.): that can be remedied

  18. Remedial (adj.): affording remedy or cure

  19. Remedy (n): cure, means of removing any evil

  20. Remedy (v): set right, cure

  21. Remember (v): recollect, keep in memory, remind

  22. Remembrance (n): keeping in mind, memory

  23. Remind (v): cause to remember

  24. Reminder (n) : one who or that which reminds

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