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Vocabulary Lessons 14th August :

  1. Pest (n) : a plague, disease annoyance, troublesome or destructive thing, animal etc.

  2. Pester (v) : overburden, to vex, to annoy persistently

  3. Pestilence (n) : an epidemic

  4. Pestle (n) : stick with a thick end used in mortar for pounding

  5. Pet (adj.) : favourite

  6. Pet (n) : tamed animal

  7. Petal (n) : one of the separate parts of the corolla of a flower, the blade of a flower

  8. Petard (n) : a case containing an explosive, used for blowing down walls, doors etc.

  9. Petition (n) : prayer, earnest request, written request

  10. Petition (v) : entreat

  11. Petrel (n) : a long winged sea-bird

  12. Petrol (n) : purified petroleum used in motor car and aeroplane engines

  13. Petroleum (n) : mineral oil

  14. Petticoat (n) : women’s undergarment

  15. Petty (adj.) : small, trivial, mean

  16. Petulant (adj.) : ill-tempered, irritable, insolent

  17. Pew (n) : a bench or long seat with a high back

  18. Phaeton (n) : an open four-wheeled light carriage

  19. Phalanx (n) : body of soldiers in close formation

  20. Phantasm (n) : an image seen in fancy, a ghost

  21. Phantom (n) : a ghost, in illusion

  22. Pharisee (n) : member of an ancient Jewish sect known for strict obedience to written laws

  23. Pharmacy (n) : a chemist’s shop, the preparation and dispensing of medicines

  24. Pharynx (n) : the cavity or cleft forming the upper part of the gullet

  25. Phase (n) : one of the different appearances of the moon, stage or aspect of a thing that often varies

  26. Pheasant (n) : a long-tailed game bird

  27. Phenomenon (n) : an uncommon event, remarkable event, person or thing

  28. Phial (n) : a small glass bottle

  29. Philanthropist (n) : person who helps others

  30. Philanthropy (n) : love and sympathy towards mankind

  31. Philatelist (n) : a stamp collector

  32. Philology (n) : the science of language

  33. Philosopher (n) : a person who loves and seeks truth and wisdom

  34. Philosophy (n) : science dealing with truth etc.

  35. Philtre (n) : a drink, to excite love

  36. Philtre (n) : a drink, to excite love

  37. Phlegm (n) : thick, semi fluid substance forming on the skin, the throat and the nose

  38. Phlox (n) : a garden plant

  39. Phone (n) : telephone

Vocabulary Lessons 14th August :

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