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Vocabulary List for 27th July :

  1. Oft (adv): frequently

  2. Often (adv): frequently

  3. Ogle (v) : look suggestive by

  4. Ogre (n): a man-eating giant or monster

  5. Oh (inter) : expressing pain, surprise, sorrow, etc.,

  6. Oil (n) : grease or fat that comes from plants, animals or minerals

  7. Oil (v) : to lubricate with oil

  8. Oil monger (n): one who deals in oil

  9. Oily (adj.) : resembling oil; soaked with oil, fawning, evasive, smooth

  10. Ointment (n) : a greasy substance applied to the skin or wounded parts

  11. Old (adj.) : aged, not new

  12. Oleaginous (adj.): oily

  13. Oligarchy (n): set of persons who rule, state government by a few, rule by a few

  14. Olive (n) : an evergreen tree yielding an oil, a yellowish green colour

  15. Omelet (n): a pancake made of eggs, beaten up and fried in a pan

  16. Omelette (n): a pancake made of eggs, beaten up and fried in a pan

  17. Omen (n) : an augury, a sign of future event

  18. Ominous (adj.): foreboding evil, pertaining to an omen

  19. Omission (n): neglect, exclusion, oversight

  20. Omit (v): leave out , not include

  21. Omnibus (n): large four wheeled vehicle for many passengers

  22. Omnipotent (adj.) : all-powerful

  23. Omnipotent (n) : the god

  24. Omnipresent (adj.): present every where at the same time, ubiquitous

  25. Omniscient (n): god

  26. Omniscient (adj.) : all knowing

  27. Omnivorous (adj.): feeding on all kinds of food

  28. On (prep) : showing the place, above, upon, at

  29. On (adv.) : forward, above, not stopping

  30. Once (adv): formerly, at one time, at any time

  31. Oncoming (adj.) : nearing, approaching

  32. Oncoming (n) : approach

  33. One (adj.) : the first of the numerals, any

  34. One (n) : the first of the numerals, any

  35. One (pron.) : a thing, a person

  36. Onerous (adj.): burdensome, oppressive

  37. One-sided (adj.) : biased, unfair

  38. Ongoing (adj.) : continuing to exist

  39. Onion (n) : an edible plant producing a pungent bulb

  40. Onlooker (n): a spectator an observer

  41. Only (adj.) : one, single

  42. Only (adv.) : singly for one purpose

  43. Only (conj.) : but, except that

  44. Onrush (n): a great flow, dashing forward

  45. Onset (n) : assault, violent attack

  46. Onshore (adj.) : going towards the shore, happening on the land

  47. Onslaught (n): a violent attack

  48. Onus (n) : burden

  49. Onward (adv.) : forward

Vocabulary List for 27th July :

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