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Vocabulary List for 28th July :

  1. Onyx (n) : a kind of precious stone

  2. Ooze (v) : flow gently and slowly through pores, percolate

  3. Opal (n) : precious stone of a milky hue (colour) famous for its changing colours

  4. Opaque (adj.) : not transparent

  5. Open (v) : un lock, lift the lid or shutter, begin

  6. Open (adj.) : well-known to many

  7. Opener (n): a person who opens, a device for opening

  8. Open-hearted (adj.) : frank, sincere

  9. Opening (n) : act of opening chance, opportunity, a hole beginning

  10. Openly (adv.): publicly, without secrecy, frankly

  11. Opera (n) : musical, drama

  12. Operate (v) : work, perform a surgical act on the body

  13. Operation (n) : process, action, surgical treatment, procedure, performance

  14. Operetta (n) : a short musical ply

  15. Ophthalmia (n) : an inflammation of the eye

  16. Opiate (n) : a sleeping drug with opium

  17. Opine (v) : suppose, hold an opinion

  18. Opinion (n) : belief, idea supposed to be true, professional estimate

  19. Opium (n) : juice of the white poppy plant

  20. Opponent (n): adversary, one who opposes

  21. Opportune (adj.) : favourable, timely

  22. Opportunity (n) : a favourable time or chance

  23. Oppose (v) : resist, place in front, put an obstacle

  24. Opposed (adj.) : acting against

  25. Opposite (adj.) : facing, reverse, contrary

  26. Opposition (n) : resistance, a body acting against the party in power, contrast

  27. Oppress (v) : keep down by unjust or cruel methods, cause to feel troubled

  28. Oppressive (adj.): unjust, heavy

  29. Opprobrium (n) : great disgrace

  30. Optic (adj.) : relating to sight or eye

  31. Optician (n) : a person skilled in optics

  32. Optics (n) : the science of light and vision

  33. Optimism (n): a disposition to take a hopeful view of things, hopefulness

  34. Optimist (n) : a person with strong belief that everything will result in good only

  35. Optimistic (adj.) : having a hopeful belief

  36. Option (n) : wish, choice, preference

  37. Optional (adj.) : which may be chosen or as one likes

  38. Opulence (n) : wealth

  39. Opulent (adj.) : wealth, plentiful, luxuriant

  40. Or (conj) : else; (adv) : ere, before

Vocabulary List for 28th July :

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