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Vocabulary List for 10th September :

  1. Recruit (n): newly enlisted soldier, one who joins a society, group etc.

  2. Recruit (v): to enlist, refresh, reinstate

  3. Rectangle (n): a four side right angled oblong plane figure

  4. Rectify (v): make right, correct, purify

  5. Rectify (n): rectification

  6. Rectitude (n): upright conduct, honesty

  7. Rector (n): a principal, head of a university, college or school, parson

  8. Rectum (n): the lower part of the large intestine

  9. Recumbent (adj.): lying down

  10. Recuperate (v): restore, gain back, recover, get well after illness

  11. Recuperate (n): recuperation

  12. Recur (v): happen again, be repeated

  13. Recurrence (n): the act of occurring again

  14. Recusant (n): one who refuses to accept rules and regulations of the authority

  15. Red (adj.): the colour of blood, be caught red-handed, red-letter day, be in the red

  16. Red (n): the colour of blood, be caught red-handed, red-letter day, be in the red

  17. Redan (n): a rampart with two faces forming salient angle

  18. Redeem (v): rescue, save, fulfil

  19. Redemption (n): deliverance or rescue, salvation

  20. Red-hand (adj.): with hand red with blood, in the very act

  21. Red-handed (adj.): with hand red with blood, in the very act

  22. Redoubt (n): defence, a fortification

  23. Redress (v): set right, make up for

  24. Redress (n): compensation

  25. Reduce (v): lessen, shorten, lower, weaken, subdue

  26. Redundant (adj.): excessive, superfluous

  27. Reduplicate (v): double, repeat

  28. Reed (n): a musical instrument, a tall grass with hollow stems growing in or near water

  29. Reet (n): the fold of a sail

  30. Reet (v): reduce the area by folding a part

  31. Reef (n): a line or ledge of rocks (esp. lying under the surface of water)

  32. Reek (n): smoke

  33. Reel (n): a winding frame for yarn, cord, wire etc.

  34. Reinforce (v): enforce

  35. Refectory (n): a refreshment room, a dining hall

  36. Refer (v): allude, consult, apply to

  37. Referee (n): umpire

  38. Reference (n): a mention, looking into a book, a note telling where certain information may be found

  39. Refine (v): make free from impurities

  40. Refined (n): purified

  41. Refinery (n): a place for purifying things

  42. Refit (v): repair, reinstate

  43. Reflect (v): throw back, send back an image of

Vocabulary List for 10th September :

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