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Vocabulary Lists for 29th July :

  1. Oracle (n) : holy place where God was thought to advice, one famed for wisdom

  2. Oral (adj.): spoken, by word of mouth

  3. Orange (n) : a reddish yellow colour, a tree belonging to the lime species or its fruit

  4. Oration (n) : formal address or discourse, way of speaking

  5. Orator (n) : a good speaker, one who speaks well in public

  6. Oratory (n): art of public speaking eloquence, a building for private worship

  7. Orb (n): a sphere or globe

  8. Orbit (n) : the curved path of a planet, the cavity for the eye in the bone of the face

  9. Orchard (n): a garden of fruit trees

  10. Orchestra (n) : instrumental performers

  11. Orchid (n) : a herb with a showy flower

  12. Ordain (v): appoint; order

  13. Ordeal (n) : any severe trail

  14. Orderly (adj.): in good order

  15. Orderly (n) : an attendant, a soldier carrying message

  16. Ordinance (n) : order made by an authority, rite

  17. Ordinary (adj.): regular, common

  18. Ordnance (n) : big, guns, artillery, fire-arms

  19. Ore (n) : metal mixed with earthy and other substances

  20. Organ (n) : a vital part of animal or plant doing certain functions, a large win instrument, a newspaper

  21. Organism (n) : a living being having organs

  22. Organization (n): act of arranging, state of being organised body, of persons

  23. Organize (v): to form parts in a whole, to set different parts into operation arrange

  24. Orgy (n): revelry

  25. Oriel (n): projecting window

  26. Orient (n): the East, eastern countries (Asia), ; (opp.) : occident

  27. Oriental (adj.) : eastern

  28. Orifice (n) : a mouth, an opening

  29. Origin (n) : starting, where it begins

  30. Original (adj.) : not copied, first, relating to the beginning

  31. Original (n): first copy, origin

  32. Originally (adv.): formerly, from the first, in an original way

  33. Originality (n): peculiarity, being original and not copied from others

  34. Originate (v): give a beginning to, create, produce

  35. Orison (n) : a prayer

  36. Ornament (n) : decoration, that which increases the beauty of a thing

  37. Ornate (adj.): bombastic in style, well decorated

Vocabulary Lists for 29th July :

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