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Vocabulary Lists for 30th July :

  1. Ornithology (n) : science of birds

  2. Orographical (adj.) : showing the mountains of a country

  3. Orphan (n) : a parentless child

  4. Orphan (v) : make(one) an orphan

  5. Orphanage (n) : state of an orphan house for orphans

  6. Orrery (n) : an apparatus for illustrating the movements of the planets

  7. Orthodox (adj.) : believing the established opinions especially in religion, customary, sound, correct

  8. Orthodox (n) : orthodoxy

  9. Orthography (n) : accurate, spelling, that part of grammar connected with letters and spelling

  10. Oscillate (v) : to showing between extremes of opinion, action, etc.,

  11. Osier (n) : a kind of willow used in basket work

  12. Osprey (n) : the sea-eagle

  13. Ossify (v) : harden, turn into bone

  14. Ostensible (adj.) : pretended, apparent

  15. Ostentation (n) : useless, display show

  16. Ostentatious (adj.): showy

  17. Ostler (n): a groom

  18. Ostracize (v): banish from society

  19. Ostrich (n) : large swift running

  20. Other (adj.): different, opposite, not the same

  21. Otherwise (adv): another way

  22. Otherwise (conj.) : if not, or else

  23. Otiose (adj.) : lazy, not required

  24. Otter (n) : a kind of fur-covered water animal living on fish

  25. Ought (auxiliary verb) : to be bound in duty

  26. Ounce (n): a weight equal to 1/16 pound

  27. Our (adj.) : of us, with which we are concerned

  28. Ours (pron.) : belonging to us

  29. Ourselves (pronoun in pl.) : emphatic and reflexive form

  30. Oust (v) : expel, eject, turn out(from employment etc)

  31. Out (adv) : not in or at a place away from

  32. Out and out (adj.) : complete

  33. Outbid (v): to bid higher than others

  34. Outbreak (n) : breaking out(of wars, disease etc.,) bursting out; eruption

  35. Outbuilding (n) : a shed

  36. Outburst (n) : an explosion

  37. Outcast (n) : an exile, a banished person

  38. Outcaste (n): one expelled from one’s caste

  39. Outcaste (v) : expel fro caste

  40. Outcome (n): result

  41. Outcry (n) : a loud cry

  42. Out distance (v): get far ahead of

Vocabulary Lists for 30th July :

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