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Vocabulary Lists for 4th September :

  1. Querulous (v): full of complaints, fond of quarrelling

  2. Query (n): inquest, question

  3. Query (v): inquire, put a question

  4. Quest (n): search, pursuit

  5. Quest (v): pursuit, seek after

  6. Question (n): an enquiry, doubt

  7. Question (v): put a question to, doubt

  8. Questionable (adj.): that which can be questioned, doubtful

  9. Questionnaire (n): a list of formal questions for obtaining information

  10. Queue (n): a line of persons waiting for their turn, plaited tress of hair

  11. Quibble (n): a pun, doubtful use of words for evasive argument

  12. Quibble (v): pun

  13. Quick (adj.): done with speed, acting rapidly, lively

  14. Quick (adv.): rapidly, within a brief time

  15. Quick (n): a living creature, sensitive, part

  16. Quicklime (n): lime recently burnt and unslaked

  17. Quicksand (n): wet sandy field giving way

  18. Quick-silver (n): mercury

  19. Quick-witted (adj.): ready witted

  20. Quiet (adj.): calm

  21. Quiet (n): calmness

  22. Quill (n): a large feather, a stiff spine

  23. Quill-driver (n): a clerk

  24. Quilt (n): a cover

  25. Quince (n): a kind of fruit

  26. Quinine (n): a bitter drug extracted from the cinchona plant and used as a cure for fevers

  27. Quinquennial (adj.): lasting five years, happening once in five years

  28. Quintessence (n): refined extract

  29. Quire (n): 24 sheets

  30. Quirk (n): a trick, a clever or witty saying

  31. Quit (v): leave, go away from

  32. Quite (adv): entirely, rather

  33. Quixotic (adj.): whimsical, funny

  34. Quiz (v): ask questions to test knowledge, make fun of

  35. Quiz (n): such a test, riddle

  36. Quondam (adj.): that was formerly

  37. Quorum (n): the minimum attendance fixed for a meeting

  38. Quota (n): a share

  39. Quotation (n): the exact words spoken or written by one person when cited by another, estimate of cost

  40. Quote (v): re-write, recite, copy out or reproduce another’s words, refers to as an example

  41. Quoth (v): said

  42. Quotient (n): the number resulting from a division

  43. Quran (n); the sacred scripture of Islam containing revelations made by Allah

Vocabulary Lists for 4th September :

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