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Vocabulary-Marriage will give you all the words denoting Marriage.

Take down the words from this list for your future reference.

• Monogamist…One who has only one wife or husband at a time

• Bigamist…One who marries second wife or husband while the first legal spouse is alive

• Polygamist…Man who has more than one wife at a time

• Polyandrist…Woman who has more than one husband at a time

• Misogamist…A hater of marriage

• Celibate…One who vowed to a single or unmarried life

• Divorce…Legal dissolution of marriage of husband and wife

• Alimony…Payment of money allowed to wife on legal separation from the husband

• Widower…A man whose wife is dead

• Dowry…The property that the new wife brings to her husband

• Widow…A woman whose husband is dead

• Fiancé…One engaged to be married

• Fiancée… One engaged to be married

• Betrothed… One engaged to be married

• Affianced… One engaged to be married

• Trousseau…A bride’s outfit

• Banns…Proclamation of intended marriage

• Elope…To run away with lover in order to get married

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