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Vocabulary Notebook for 27th September :

  1. Sandwich (n) : two slices of bread with meat, etc, in between

  2. Sandy (adj.): covered with sand

  3. Sane (adj.): sensible, healthy in mind, not mad

  4. Sanitary (adj.): hygienic

  5. Sanguine (adj.): red, confident, cheerful

  6. Sanitation (n): arrangements to protect public health

  7. Sanity (n): an ancient language

  8. Sanskrit (n) : an ancient language of India

  9. Sap (n): liquid in a plant, carrying food to all parts

  10. Sap (v): weaken, drain away, destroy

  11. Sapling (n): a tender plant, a young tree

  12. Sapphire (n): a blue stone

  13. Saracen (n): an Arab of Mussal man

  14. Sarcasm (n): bitter remark, taunt

  15. Sarcastic (adj.): mocking, taunting

  16. Sarcophagus (n): a stone coffin

  17. Sardine (n): a small fish tinned in oil

  18. Sarsaparilla (n) : a kind of tropical plant whose root is used in medicine

  19. Sash (n) : long strip of cloth worn round the waist

  20. Satan (n): the Devil

  21. Satchel (n); a small bag for carrying light articles

  22. Satellite (n) : a heavenly body revolving round a planet, an obsequious follower

  23. Satiate (v): satisfy fully

  24. Satin (n): ;a kind of silk fabric glossy on one side

  25. Satire (n): lampoon, irony, ridicule

  26. Satisfaction (n): a feeling of pleasure or fullness

  27. Satisfy (v): please fully, make content, comply with

  28. Satrap (n) : governor of a province

  29. Saturate (v): to fill to excess, to soak, make a thing absorb as much as possible

  30. Saturday (n) : the last day of the week

  31. Saturn (n) : a large planet

  32. Satyr (n) : a god of woods

  33. Sauce (n); (a liquid) preparation to give relish to food, rude manners impudence

  34. Saucepan (n) : a long-handled metal vessel for boiling

  35. Saucer (n): a small plate placed under a tea cup

  36. Saucy (adj.): rude, wanting in manners, insolent

  37. Saunter (v) : to roam about idly

  38. Savage (adj.): uncivilized, fierce, cruel wild, untamed, brutal

  39. Savannah (n) : treeless plain of America

  40. Savant (n) : a man of learning

  41. Save (n) : rescue from danger, put by

  42. Save (prep.) : except

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