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Vocabulary Quiz for 16th November :

  1. Tape worm (n) : parasitic, ribbon like worm in the intestines

  2. Tapioca (n) : a kind of tropical plant yielding starchy food

  3. Taproot (n) : the main root of a plant being the prolongation of its stem

  4. Tardy (adj.) : slow, sluggish, late, reluctant

  5. Target (n) : a mark to shoot at, aim

  6. Tariff (n) : a table of customs duties, scale of charges

  7. Tarnish (v) : dull or destroy the brightness of ; stain, sully

  8. Tarpaulin (n) : strong linen cloth or canvas coated with tar

  9. Tarry (adj.) : similar to tar

  10. Tarry (v) ; delay

  11. Tartar (n) : a native of Tartary in Asia , an incrustation on teeth

  12. Task (n) : piece of work (to be) done or imposed, burden, duty

  13. Tassel (n) : a hanging ornament consisting of a bunch of threads

  14. Taste (n) : sense of knowing flavour, liking, ability to enjoy beauty

  15. Tasty (adj.) : pleasing to the taste

  16. Tattered (adj.) : torn, ragged

  17. Taught (n) : past tense and past participle of teach

  18. Taught (n) : pupils

  19. Taunt (n) : reproach, upbraid

  20. Taunt (n) : insult scorn, reproach, ridicule

  21. Tavern (n) : a public house where food and liquor are supplied an inn

  22. Tawny (adj.) : of a yellow brown colour

  23. Tax (n) : duty on property, income etc.

  24. Tax (v) : put a duty

  25. Taxable (adj.) : system of taxing

  26. Taxation (n) : system of taxing

  27. Taxi (n) : a motor vehicle on hire

  28. Taxi (v) : go in a taxi

  29. Taxidermy (n) : the art of stuffing dead bodies of birds and animals to give life like appearance

  30. Tea (n) : dried and powdered leaves of a plant, tea plant, a drink

  31. Teach (v) : impart knowledge or skill, instruct

  32. Teacher (n) : one who teachers

  33. Teak (n) : a tropical tree producing strong timber

  34. Teapoy (n) : a small table

  35. Tear (n) : drop of salty water from eyes, a torn piece

  36. Tear (v) : pull to pieces

  37. Tease (v) : mock, vex, annoy

  38. Tease (adv.) : teasingly

  39. Technical (adj.) : belonging to arts, science or craft

  40. Tedious (adj.) : wearisome, tiresome, monotonous

  41. Tedious (n) : tedium

  42. Teem (v) : bring forth young, be very fertile, be abundant, to full

  43. Teeth (n) : plural of TOOTH

  44. Teethe (v) : cut teeth, begin to grow teeth, teething troubles

Vocabulary Quiz for 16th November :

English Vocabulary Index

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