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Vocabulary Quizzes for 8th September :

  1. Readily (adj.): quickly, willingly, whole - heartedly

  2. Readiness (n): state of being ready

  3. Reading (n); act of one who reads, figure of measurement as shown by a dial, interpretation

  4. Ready (adj.); prepared, capable, eager, quick to act

  5. Ready-made (adj.): made before hand, ready for use, not made to order

  6. Real (adj.); existing infact, not imaginary

  7. Realise (v): get or obtain, accomplish, feel, understand, see clearly, collect (debt)

  8. Realize (v): get or obtain, accomplish, feel, understand, see clearly, collect (debt)

  9. Reality (n); existence, that which is not imaginary

  10. Really (adj.): infact, without doubt

  11. Realm (n); kingdom, province, region

  12. Ream (n): a measure for paper equivalent to 20 quires

  13. Reap (v): harvest, cut and gather, obtain

  14. Rear (v): the hind or back part

  15. Rear (v): bring up

  16. Reason (n): cause, motive, evidence, wisdom, excuse

  17. Reasonable (adj.): rational, sensible

  18. Rebate (n); deduction, discount

  19. Rebel (n): one who fights against authority

  20. Rebel (v): to revolt

  21. Rebellion (n): revolt, uprising

  22. Rebound (v): react, revert

  23. Rebuke (v): check, chide, reprove

  24. Rebuke (n): reproof, chiding

  25. Rebut (v): prove to be false, refuse, reject

  26. Recalcitrant (adj.): dissent - obedient, stubborn

  27. Recall (v): call back, cancel, revoke

  28. Recall (n): act of calling back

  29. Recapitulate (v): repeat, go through again, summarize

  30. Recapture (v): to get possession of once again

  31. Recast (v): cast or throw again

  32. Recede (v): retire, retreat, with draw

  33. Receipt (n): a recipe, an acknowledgement for the money received

  34. Receipt (pl.)): income

  35. Receipt (v): acknowledge

  36. Receive (v): accept, get, admit, entertainment

  37. Receiver (n): person who receives, part of a telephone held for hearing, an official in charge of a bankrupt’s estate

  38. Recension (n): review, revisal, criticism

  39. Recent (adj.): not long before, fresh, new, modern

  40. Receptacle (n): a vessel, a place for putting things in

  41. Reception (n): welcome, acceptance, entertainment

Vocabulary Quizzes for 8th September :

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