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Vocabulary Sentence Maker for 23rd September :

  1. Rub (v): to wipe, to move a thing backward on the surface with pressure

  2. Rubber (n): one who or that which rubs, three successive wins between the same sides

  3. Rubbish (n): waste matter

  4. Rubican (n): an Italian river

  5. Rubicund (adj.): red

  6. Ruby (n): redness, carmine

  7. Rudder (n): the guiding or steering apparatus of a ship, boat or aeroplane

  8. Ruddy (adj.): red

  9. Rude (adj.): impolite, not showing respect, violent

  10. Rude (n): rudeness

  11. Rudiment (n): the beginning or first undeveloped state

  12. Rudiment (pl.): elementary, principles

  13. Rue (v): to regret

  14. Ruffian (n): a violent, cruel man

  15. Ruffle (v): fold into wrinkles, anger, disturb, agitate, become angry

  16. Rug (n): a floor mat, a thick woollen blanket

  17. Rugby (n): a form of foot ball

  18. Rugged (adj.): rough, uneven

  19. Rugged (adv.): ruggedly

  20. Ruin (n): destruction

  21. Ruin (v): destroy

  22. Ruinous (adj.): destructive

  23. Rule (n): government, law, principle, formula, regulation

  24. Ruler (n): one who rules, an instrument for drawing straight lines

  25. Ruling (n): decision, order

  26. Ruling (adj.): governing, existing

  27. Rum (n): a spirituous drink made from sugarcane

  28. Rum (adj.): odd, queer

  29. Rumble (v): murmur, boom, rattle

  30. Rumble (n): a rolling noise

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