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Vocabulary Software for 22nd November :

  1. Tiara (n) : a head dress, a kind of turban, the crown of the pope

  2. Ticket (n) : card or paper entitling one to travel or see a show etc, label

  3. Tickle (v) : to delight, touch lightly

  4. Tide (n) : time, season, ebb and flow of the sea

  5. Tidings (n & pl) : news, information, (no singular)

  6. Tidy (adj.) : neat, arranged in good order

  7. Tie (n) : bind, fasten with a cord

  8. Tie (n) : a knot, a bond, a neck-tie

  9. Tier (n) : a row or rank

  10. Tier (pl) : two or more rows or plant forms placed one above another

  11. Tiffin (n) : light lunch

  12. Tiger (n) : fierce carnivorous animal

  13. Tight (adj.) : closely, packed, compact, tied fast

  14. Tight (adv.) : fast

  15. Tight ten (v) : to make tight or tighter

  16. Tight fisted (adj.) : miserly, stingy

  17. Tigress (n) : feminine of ‘tiger’

  18. Tile (n) : thin flat brick used for covering roof, floors, etc.

  19. Till (conj.) : the time until

  20. Till (prep.) : the time of

  21. Till (v) : cultivate

  22. Tillage (n) : the act of tilling, cultivation

  23. Tiller (n) : one who tills the soil, a device for turning a boar’s rudder

  24. Tilt (v) : incline, ride at one another with lances

  25. Tilth (n) : cultivation, cultivated land

  26. Timber (n) : wood suitable for building and carpentry, beam

  27. Timbrel (n) : a kind of drum

  28. Time honoured (adj.) : honoured for a long time

  29. Time keeper (n) : one who keeps time, a clock

  30. Timely (adj.) : at proper time, quite early

  31. Time peace (n) : a portable apparatus for measuring and recording time

  32. Time server (n) : one who alters his opinion as the time demands

  33. Timetable (n) : a schedule of the times for things to happen

  34. Timid (adj.) : faint-hearted, fearful, not bold

  35. Timidity (n) : cowardice, shyness, want of courage

  36. Timorous (adj.) : timid

  37. Tin (n) : silver-white soft metal

  38. Tin (v) : to plate with tin

  39. Tincture (n) : a light colour, a medicinal solution

  40. Tinder (n) : material easily combustible from a spark

  41. Tinfoil (n) : thin tin leaves

  42. Tinge (n) : a small trace of colour or taste or flavour added to something

  43. Tingle (v) : a prickly feeling caused by excitement, fear etc.

  44. Tinker (n) : tin-plate worker

  45. Tinkle (n) : the sound (as) of a bell

  46. Tinkle (v) : sound like a bell

Vocabulary Software for 22nd November :

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