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Vocabulary Strategies for 6th November :

  1. Strip (v) : deprive of, tear off squeeze out, remove the clothes of

  2. Stripe (n) : a line, a blow with a whip

  3. Stripling (n) : a youth, one yet growing

  4. Strive (v) : struggle, contend, try, hard, make great efforts

  5. Stroke (n) : a blow, mark made by a per or brush, sound made by a bell

  6. Stroll (v) : to go for a leisurely walk

  7. Stroll (n) : quiet unhurried

  8. Strong (adj.) : having power to resist, firm

  9. Stronghold (n) : fortress

  10. Strop (n) : a strip of leather on which razor is sharpened

  11. Structure (n) : a building, frame work of a building, formation

  12. Struggle (v) : to try hard, to fight

  13. Struggle (n) : a striving, hard effort

  14. Strut (v) : walk about with pride and vanity, support with a bar placed obliquely

  15. Stub (n) : a small stump of tree

  16. Stubborn (adj.) : unyielding, head strong

  17. Student (n) : one who studies

  18. Studied (p & adj.) : well thought out, wanton, learned

  19. Studio (n) : an artist’s workshop, a place where cinema films are made

  20. Studious (adj.) : diligent, having a habit of learning

  21. Study (n) : subjects of attention, room for study, meditation

  22. Stuff (n) : material or substances which is used for some purpose

  23. Stuff (v) : fill, press

  24. Stuffing (n) : the thing used for filling up anything

  25. Stuffy (adj.) : close, not airy

  26. Stultify (v) : make foolish, make absurd, cause to be useless

  27. Stumble (v) : slip, trip, err, stagger

  28. Stumbling block (n) : that which causes one to stumble or trip over, the cause of difficulty, hindrance, obstacle

  29. Stun (v) : overpower the senses, stupefy, amaze

  30. Stunt (v) : stop the growth or development of

  31. Stunted (adj.) : dwarfed

  32. Stupefy (v): make senseless or stupid

  33. Stupendous (adj.) : amazing, tremendous, astonishing, wonderful

  34. Stupid (adj.) : foolish, dull, lacking in sensibility

  35. Stupor (n) : dazed state

  36. Sturdy (adj.) : strong, hart, vigorous, stout

  37. Sty (n) : an enclosure for swine, a filthy place

  38. Stygian (adj.) : pertaining to the river Styx, infernal, dark and gloomy, ‘Styx’

  39. Stylish (adj.) : having style, fashionable

Vocabulary Strategies for 6th November :

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