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Vocabulary Tests for 11th September :

  1. Reflection (n): reflected light, image etc, thought

  2. Reflex (n): an action done involuntarily

  3. Reform (v): amend ones says

  4. Reform (n): improvement

  5. Reformation (n): reforming, amendment

  6. Reformer (n): one actively supporting reforms

  7. Refrain (v): hold back

  8. Refrain (n): burden of a song, words or lines of a song that are repeated

  9. Refresh (v): make fresh, give new strength to

  10. Refreshment (n): food or drink

  11. Refrigerator (n): box or room for cooling food

  12. Refuge (n): a shelter from trouble

  13. Refugee (n): one, who wants protection from trouble, danger etc.

  14. Refund (v): pay back

  15. Refund (n): a payment returned, repayment

  16. Refuse (v): decline, reject

  17. Refuse (n): waste material

  18. Refute (v): to prove to be wrong

  19. Regain (v): recover, get possession again, reach again

  20. Regal (v): royal, kingly

  21. Regale (v): to feast, to please

  22. Regard (v): look at, consider

  23. Regard (n): respect, as regards

  24. Regarding (prep): concerning, in reference to

  25. Regatta (n): a boat race

  26. Regency (n): the state of being ruled by a regent or one who is appointed to rule instead of the ruler

  27. Regenerate (v): reproduce, reform spiritually, gave a new strength to life

  28. Regenerate (n): regeneration

  29. Regent (n): a deputy who rules in the place of the king

  30. Regicide (n): murder of a king; one who kills a king

  31. Regime (n): system of government

  32. Regimen (n): orderly government, rule of diet

  33. Regiment (n): a large division of the army

  34. Regiment (v): discipline

  35. Region (n): area, division, tract, country

  36. Register (n): a written record, roll, list

  37. Register (v): record

  38. Registrar (n): one who keeps records or registers

  39. Regnant (adj.): ruling, predominant

  40. Regress (n): retrogression, going back

  41. Regress (opp.): progress

  42. Regress (v): return to an carless state

  43. Regret (n): sorrow

  44. Regret (v): to be sorry

  45. Regretful (adj.): expressing sorrow

  46. Regrettable (adj.): fit for being regretted

  47. Regular (adj.): orderly, periodic, usual

  48. Regularity (n): state of being regular, uniformity

  49. Regularize (v): make regular

  50. Regulate (v): direct, to control by rules, put in good order

Vocabulary Tests for 11th September :

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