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Vocabulary Used in Sentences for 22nd September :

  1. Roomy (adj.): spacious

  2. Roost (n); branch, pole etc. on which a bird rests at night

  3. Roost (v); go to bed

  4. Root (n): part of plant which is normally under soil

  5. Root (v); to be firmly fixed, take root, pull by the root

  6. Rope (n); a thick strong cord

  7. Rope (v): rope in

  8. Rope dancer (n): dancer on ropes

  9. Rope ladder (n): a ladder made of ropes

  10. Rope-walk (n): place where ropes are made

  11. Rosary (n): a string of beads used for counting, prayers, a rose garden

  12. Rose (n): a sweet smelling flower bearing plant

  13. Rosewater (n): water distilled from roses

  14. Rosewood (n):a strong dark coloured Brazilian wood used to make furniture

  15. Rosin (n): drugs of turpentine

  16. Rostrum (n): a platform for public speaking

  17. Rosy (adj.): rose-like in colour, hopeful, bright, encouraging

  18. Rosy (adv.); rosily

  19. Rot (v): decompose, to go bad, putrefy

  20. Rot (n): decayed matter

  21. Rotary (adj.): revolving

  22. Rotate (v): move round a centre, point

  23. Rotation (n): act of turning round, revolution

  24. Rote (n): repetition of words without under-standing

  25. Rotten (adj.); decayed, putrefied

  26. Rouble (n): Russian coin or currency

  27. Rough (n): substance used to give colour to the cheeks or lips

  28. Rough (adj.): uneven, unpolished, unfinished, rude

  29. Roughly (adv.): in a rough manner, nearly

  30. Roughshod (adv.): harsh, with shoes provided with special nails (to prevent horse from slipping)

  31. Round (adj.): having the shape of a circle of ball

  32. Round about (adj.): indirect, circuitous

  33. Rouse (v): awaken, to stir up

  34. Rout (n): utter defeat

  35. Rout (v): defeat utterly

  36. Route (n): way, course

  37. Route (v): send along a particular way

  38. Routine (n): a regular course

  39. Rove (v): roam, wander

  40. Rover (n): a wanderer, an aged or senior boy scout, a robber

  41. Row (n): a line of objects, a riot

  42. Row (v): to propel a boat by oars

  43. Rowdy (n): a ruffian, blackguard

  44. Rowdy (adj.): rough, noisy

  45. Rower (n): one who rows

  46. Rowlock (n): an oar-rest

  47. Royal (adj.): kingly, magnificent

  48. Royalty (n): kingly rank, the members of a royal family

Vocabulary Used in Sentences for 22nd September :

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