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Vocabulary Word Lists for 21st August :

  1. Poor (adj.) : having no money, needy, feeble, lean, trifling, pitiable, humble

  2. Poorhouse (n) : a building where poor people are maintained at public expense

  3. Pop (v) : make a sharp explosive sound, to move unexpectedly

  4. Pop (n) : abrupt, explosive sound, popular concert

  5. Pope (n) : head of the Roman Catholic church

  6. Popgun (n) : child’s toy gun

  7. Poppy (n) : genus of herbs with milky juice and showy flower

  8. Populace (n) : common people, the masses

  9. Popular (adj.) : liked by the people, prevailing, cheap, common

  10. Popularity (n) : quality like by the people

  11. Popularize ((v) : make popular

  12. Populate (v) : supply with people, inhabit

  13. Population (n) : total number of the inhabitants, people of the country etc.

  14. Populous (adj.) : abounding in people

  15. Porcelain (n) : the finest kind of earthen ware

  16. Porch (n) : a covered approach

  17. Porcupine (n) : a kind of animal covered with long sharp bristles or quills

  18. Pore (n) : interstice, small hole

  19. Pore (v) : gaze at study

  20. Pork (n) : edible flesh of swine

  21. Porous (adj.) : full of pores

  22. Porphyry (n) : a kind of igneous rock

  23. Porridge (n) : soft food made by boiling oat meal in water or milk

  24. Porringer (n) : a small basin for holding porridge

  25. Port (n) : a harbour, city with a harbour, a place to rest, refuge, high class wine, the left side of a ship

  26. Portable (adj.) : easy to be carried

  27. Portal (n) : door way, gate way

  28. Portend (v) : warn, forebode

  29. Porter (n) : door keeper, a person employed to carry burdens

  30. Portfolio (n) : office of the minister of state, a case for keeping loose sheets of papers, a collection of such papers

  31. Portico (n) : a port with roof supported by pillars in front

  32. Portion (n) : a part, share, allotment

  33. Portion (v) : divide in shares

  34. Portly (adj.) : bulky, of stately appearance

  35. Portmanteau (n) : a traveller’s large leather-bag

  36. Portrait (n) : painted picture, drawing, photograph of a person, description in words

  37. Portray (v) : draw or paint a picture; describe, clearly

  38. Portray (n) : portrayal, portraiture

Vocabulary Word Lists for 21st August :

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