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English Vocabulary Index

Vocabulary Words for 5th September :

  1. Rabate (v): beat down

  2. Rabate (n): abatement

  3. Rabbit (n): a small quadruped of the hare kind

  4. Rabble (n): a disorderly noisy, crowd, a mob

  5. Rabid (adj.): mad, furious, violent

  6. Rabies (n): madness of dogs, disease caused by the bite of a mad dog, hydrophobia

  7. Raccoon (n): a North American furbearing animal

  8. Racoon (n): a North American furbearing animal

  9. Race (n): a contest in running, current, family; (v): run

  10. Racial (adj.): belonging to race

  11. Rack (n): a shelf for holding articles, an instrument for torturing victims, a fodder holder

  12. Racket (n): a light bat used for hitting the ball in tennis and other games

  13. Racquet (n): a light bat used for hitting the ball in tennis and other games

  14. Raconteur (n); a story-teller

  15. Radiance (n): brightness, splendour

  16. Radiant (adj.): giving out rays of heat or light or heat, shining

  17. Radiate (v): emit rays of heat or light

  18. Radiation (n): sending out rays of heat or light

  19. Radical (adj.): extreme, fundamental, going to the root or bottom, favouring great change

  20. Radii (n): plural-of radius

  21. Radio (n): a wireless, apparatus

  22. Radio (v): communicate by wireless

  23. Radioactive (adj.): having the property of giving off dangerous rays

  24. Radish (n): a well known root used for food

  25. Radium (n): rare metal resembling barium used in the treatment of some diseases

  26. Radius (n): the distance from the centre of a circle to the circumference, extent, range, sphere

  27. Raffle (n): lottery

  28. Raffle (v): enter a raffle

  29. Raft (n); a float made by a number of tree trunks

  30. Rafter (n): a sloping beam of a roof, one who works a raft

  31. Rag (n): torn piece of cloth, large coarse roofing slate

  32. Rag (v): scold, tease, play rough jokes upon

  33. Ragamuffin (n): a ragged person

  34. Rage (n): great anger, passion

  35. Rage (v): be angry, move violently

  36. Ragged (adj.): badly torn, rough

  37. Raid (n): surprise attack, invasion, sudden visit by police to make arrests

  38. Raid (v): attack suddenly

  39. Rail (n): a bar of a fence

  40. Rail (pl.): railway lines

  41. Rail (v): scold, re-approach

  42. Railing (n): scolding, a fence of posts and rails

  43. Raillery (n): banter, jest

  44. Rails (n & pl.): railway track

  45. Railway (n): the metal track of parallel rails, one of the means of transport system

Vocabulary Words for 5th September :

English Vocabulary Index

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