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Vocabulary Words for 7th October :

  1. Shop (n) : a place where things are sold, reach a wrong shop, talk shop

  2. Shore (adj.) : stretch of land bordering on the sea

  3. Shorn (adj.) : closely shaved, cut off, deprived

  4. Short (adj.) : of small length or height, brief, having less than the needed or right amount

  5. Shortage (n) : deficiency, want not enough

  6. Shortcoming (n) : failure to reach a required standard

  7. Shortcut (n) : a nearer or quicker way

  8. Shorten (v) : make shorter

  9. Shorthand (n) : stenography

  10. Shortly (adv.) : quickly, briefly

  11. Short sight (n) : vision which is indistinct except for ear objects, near-sightedness

  12. Short-sighted (adj.) : near sighted, stupid heedless, thoughtless

  13. Shot (n) : a ball or bullet, discharge of a gun, a marksman

  14. Shoulder (n) : the part of the body where the arm or fore-leg is joined to the trunk

  15. Shout (n) : loud call

  16. Shove (v) : push in or away

  17. Shovel (n) : a flat tool with a handle

  18. Show (v) : cause to be seen or known, prove

  19. Show (n) : display, exhibition, pretence

  20. Shower (n) : a fall of rain, a copious, fall

  21. Showy (adj.) : likely to attract attention

  22. Shred (n) : a small piece of cloth cut or turn off

  23. Shrew (n) : a mouse-like insectivorous mammal, a woman of violent temper

  24. Shrewd (adj.) : keen witted, having good judgement

  25. Shriek (n) : a shrill cry, a scream

  26. Shriek (v) : scream, screech

  27. Shrift (n) : confession made to a priest

  28. Shrill (adj.) : sharp, piercing

  29. Shrine (n) : a sacred place like a temple or church

  30. Shrink (v) : make smaller, draw back

  31. Shrinkage (n) : contraction, the amount lost by contraction depreciation

  32. Shrive (v) : hear the confession of a sinner and administer absolution to

  33. Shrivel (v) : become dried, contract, shrink

  34. Shroud (n) : a covering for a dead body, anything that hides or covers

  35. Shrub (n) : bush, a woody plant

  36. Shrug (v) : to raise the shoulders to express surprise, doubt, etc

  37. Shrunken (adj.) : grown smaller

  38. Shudder (v) : tremble with fear or disgust

  39. Shun (v) : to keep away from, avoid

Vocabulary Words for 7th October :

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