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Vocabulary Words for 29th December :

  1. Xanthippe (n) : evil woman or wife, name of Socrates wife

  2. Xanthoma (n) : a skin disease

  3. Xanthin (n) : that part of the yellow colouring matter in flowers which is not soluble

  4. Xebec (n) : a three-mastered Arab ship

  5. Xencial (adj.) : pertaining to the relationship between guest and host

  6. Xenogamy (n) : cross-pollination

  7. Xenophobia (n) : dislike for foreigners

  8. Xeroderma (n) : a skin-disease caused by dryness of the skin

  9. Xmas (n) : Christmas

  10. X-rays (n) : Rontgen rays, electric rays used in examining the invisible inner parts of the body

  11. Xylem (n) : the hard woody part of a plant or tree

  12. Xylograph (n) : engraving on wood

  13. Xyloid (adv.) : looking like wood, of the nature of wood

  14. Xyster (n) : a surgical instrument for scraping bones

  15. Xyst (n) : a sheltered portico or ancient days

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